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Superintendent's Message

This first year as the new leader of our district seems like a blur of activity and new endeavors.  Although this year is coming to an end, we look towards our future as we prepare to push our schools to greater heights.  While we look towards our future, we must take a moment to look back at the years our seniors have spent in our buildings, learning, and making memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.  The time spent in the classrooms and grounds here at Carmichaels, have hopefully built a foundation that our graduates will continually build on as they move on to future career goals.  Whether the choice has been made to move on to college, join the workforce, or serve in our great country’s military forces, please know that you will have the continued support of your teachers, administrators, and school community.  This group of students have had tremendous opportunities, and have worked hard to carry on the Carmichaels tradition that has been set by so many before.  The seniors of 2019 have set the stage to push our district to new levels of education and experiences that will allow us to blaze the trail to our future.  Best of luck to the class of 2019 as you leave our buildings to make your mark on the world. 


As we look beyond our years at Carmichaels Area School District, our future looks bright as the school community has been working to usher our district to new levels of success that will allow our students to better compete in our ever changing world.  Next year, students will see many new electives and life ready classes that will prepare them for future endeavors.  Students will be offered unique experiences to see the careers that are available to them as they progress through our schools.  Our community as a whole will help to be a stepping stone to allow our children to see further success, and build on the things that Carmichaels Area has done well with for so many years.


Although this first year is coming to a close, I look forward to the work that needs to be done to continually push our wonderful district to new levels.  We must focus as a community to pull together to offer our children a safe environment in which to learn and thrive.  The Carmichaels community has always risen to any challenge with its work ethic and unparalleled pride.  As we move forward, this will continue to come into play as we work to make our communities a better place.  I am proud to work with so many others to continue the effort that is needed for our children.  Nothing is more important!


I hope that you all have a safe and happy summer.  Enjoy your time with family and friends.  We look forward to seeing you in the fall.


Always remember,

“Once a Mike… Always a Mike”