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High School

Carmichaels Jr./Sr. High School
300 West Greene Street
Carmichaels, PA 15320

The Carmichaels Area Jr./Sr. High School involves students in grades 7 through 12. The school has a principal, an assistant principal, a full-time guidance counselor, and a librarian.

The curriculum in grades 7 through 9 continues to build on the foundation set with the elementary curriculum, helping students to develop skills in the basic content areas while initiating opportunities for exploration according to individual needs or interests.

The curriculum in grades 10 through 12 involves one of two possible career paths - academic or technology. The academic curriculum is a self-contained program that involves a required class every year in math, English, social studies, science and at least two years of a foreign language. The technology curriculum is a Tech-Prep program that requires applied math, English, social studies and applied science. These students all attend the Greene County Vocational Technical School for their specialized courses.



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