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Elementary Center

Carmichaels Area Elementary Center
225 N. Vine St.
Carmichaels, PA 15320

Carmichaels Area operates one elementary building housing kindergarten through sixth grade. The building was completed in 1991 and houses approximately 615 students. The building has its own gymnasium, cafeteria, playground area, library, music suite and computer labs. 

The elementary curriculum provides a complete program of studies in Reading, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Health, Library Science, Music, Art, Computer, and Physical Education for all students.

The use of technology and computers is a high priority in the Carmichaels Area. There are two primary computer labs in the elementary school. The first is a 30 station state of the art Dell lab. This lab uses learning software called "Tomorrows Promise" which analyzes each student's ability and designs a curriculum tailored to their individual needs. After taking a test, the software assigns prescriptions for the students to work on until those skills are mastered. The other lab, a 30 station "state of the art"  mobile laptop lab, is used primarily for all students for computer instruction. A mini Dell lab is operated in the library and supports the Accelerated Reading program, a supplemental program to enhance the regular reading curriculum.

The reading program consists of DI (Direct Instruction) for grades K,1,2 and 3. Because the district has gone to an all-day Kindergarten program, the DI approach to reading has been very successful. When students reach grade four, they are entered into the Heath series.

The elementary math program is an effective program and incorporates cooperative learning, hands-on activities, and guided discovery.

Primary teachers in the district have been trained through staff development in a concept called DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practices). DAP presents curriculum that is age appropriate as well as educationally appropriate for all individual learners. By using Developmentally Appropriate Practices, teachers create a learning environment that provides a variety of learning experiences for each student that match the student's developing abilities, while at the same time, challenging the child's interests and understanding.

Carmichaels Elementary Center is known for its outstanding concerts and musical productions. This foundation and appreciation for music begins early in the primary grades and instrumental music instruction begins in the fifth grade.

An active parental involvement program is in place in the elementary school. The Parent/Teacher organization meets at least monthly and is very active. Students are able to enjoy various assemblies, holiday activities, equipment, etc. by the efforts of our Parent Council. Elementary Parent Teacher Evening is held annually in November and is always well attended. Additional conferences can be scheduled when necessary by either the teacher or the parent.

We schedule an open house early in September to afford parents an opportunity to meet their child's teacher and to familiarize them with the operation of the elementary school. Additional conference are welcomed and can be scheduled when necessary by either the teacher or the parent.

The philosophy of Carmichaels Area is that all children can learn and that our teachers are well equipped to implement various instructional strategies and modify teaching styles to match students' learning styles to allow this philosophy to come to fruition.




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